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barre fitness

Everything you need to know about your

first TRI TONE studio experience.

It's as easy as 1 + 2 + 3 






TRI-fabulous Intro week your
first 3 classes




3 weeks of TRI-fection
 3 days per week




3 months to get TRI-flawless
3 days per week


Planning Your Class

View class packages & introductory specials, choose

which works best for your busy life &  fitness goals!

View class schedule & sign up right from our website. Not sure which class to start with? Check out class descriptions. Use the registration form to get set up & sign your liability waiver.

Download the mind body app, search TriTone Fit & <3 it as favorite studio, View schedule & sign up for classes, Pick your package & pay... its that easy!

Love our classes but dont have time in your busy day to make it to the studio, Tone @ Home and Tone & Go virtual fitness is for you! You fell in love with us during your travels & now your back home, thats ok! Follow us on our Virtual Studio and subscribe to Youtube Live.

Planning Your Class

Sculpt gorgeous lean muscles with our signature resistance props

Resistance Bands     Resistance fitBALL      Resistance Wheel       FIT Gliders

Premium Xtra Dense Mat 

Enjoy comfort while you stretch on our designer aqua anti-slip mat

MAT IS MADE OF THERMAL PLASTIC ELASTOMER (TPE), a newly developed and patented material that is hypoallergenic, 100% PVC free and contains no latex, rubber or toxins, WITH NO SMELL. Much lighter to carry than mats of other types of materials.  Matymats features and only manufactures top-quality exercise mat with excellent cushioning, high elasticity and resilience. Each mat is made of double layers in unique texture designs.

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 3.48.30 PM.png

Studio Attire 

Socks required for studio class, available for purchase at the studio or pre-order in our online shop.


Magic of   3 

Introductory TRI-fecta

 New Clients Only. Minimum 3-month local residency to receive introductory membership special pricing.

Magic of 3

Physique Investment

Class Passes | no contract

Unlimited Classes | no contract

Single Class

Buy 3   +  get 1 free

Buy 10 +  get 3 free

Buy 30 +  get 9 free

$ 25

$ 75

$ 250

$ 750

Single Month

Buy 3    10% off  + get 1 week   free

Buy 6    15% off  + get 3 weeks  free

Buy 12  20% off  + get 1 month  free

$ 195

$ 525

$ 995

$ 1872

Get Personal | personal training 

TT Certified Trainer

TT Master Trainer

$ 95


Buy 3 +  get 1 free | Buy 10 +  get 3 free

Membership | Auto pay Contract 6 mo min

$ 125

$ 175

TT Tone & Fit 

TT Triple Tone

up to 9 classes a mo

est. 2 x per week

Unlimited Visits

est. 3 - 6 x per week

Commit for 12 months  &  elevate w/ weights for free


What is the focus of the workout?

Each signature TT class will teach a fun way to learn the principle basics of all aspects of dance. Using cardio, Toning, and stretching, movement is fluid throughout the class. The goal is to focus on precision of movement, both large and small range, using upper and lower bodies together while also strengthening the core.

Do I need to be experienced in Dance?

No previous experience required! Anyone can do this workout, even if you think you are not good at dancing. The motivating instructors visibly demonstrate each technique & vocally coach you through every step of the way. Each work out segment is designed to teach exact percision of motion before picking up the pace and adding flowing combinations.

How quickly will my posture improve?

After your very first class your posture is already in tune with your mind for muscle memory auto correction. Taking the class regularly will entice you to notice how often  poor posture takes place in your day. Our posture alignment  exercises encouraes  you to remember to adjust your alignment, instantly relieving any pressure on the spine. After the third class it clicks!

How quickly will i see weight loss results?

challenge yourself for 30 days with a recommended 3 class minimum per week then you will not only look better but feel fantastic in your mind, body & Soul. Your muscles will gain strength, become lean with chiseled definition while your core tightens, your waistline will lose inches, you will improve your posture and increase your flexibility. 

What about my previous injuries & joints ?

TT is designed by a lifelong competitive gymnast during her maternity journey and recovery from a severe back injury. Her injuries combined with joint pain from excessive impact make it difficult to perform several basic exercise movements. She wanted a workout that she could do herself. TT was born based not only on dance principles but with healthy bodies in mind. All exercises are low impact with encouraged modifications. Active stretching increases muscle recovery & flexibility while rejuvenating joints & ligaments.

Is there a risk of injury?

All exercises should be performed at your own risk. A liability agreement must be signed on file before beginning a class. Please consult your physician for approval to exercise. Our exercises are low impact and should not harm the average body but there are always pre-existing conditions and moves that may not be right for every body type. you are welcomed to modify as you feel necessary and don't feel obligated to perform any moves that create a strain on your body. Some modifications will be announced during class, but not always so please ask when in doubt!  Please let us know how your feeling & we will always try to correct form & posture with verbal and hands-on corrections. 

How do i become a TT Cast Member?

Think you have what it takes to be a motivational leader? Join us for a certification course! After completing 30 or more TT classes you are eligible to audition to be a TT studio cast member. Once you are offered a role in which meets your qualifications we will offer an invitation-only training and certification to learn the TT method. Join a career that ignites your body, mind & soul.

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