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The Method
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Everything YOUR body needs.

The Perfect Workout...

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A posture perfecting, low-impact work out

that tones the body while teaching classic dance moves. Focus on improving

Posture, Precision & Poise using our

Patent - Pending Triple Barre Toning  System.

The Patent pending Triple Barre Toning System offers thousands of signature moves that can only be performed on our apparatus using the Lower Barre. Lower Barre takes core strength & muscle sculpting to a new level of intensity.

Simulate the gymnast's "Hollow Core" position which is the propulsion force used 

while performing flips on the uneven bars and during floor tumbling exercises. 

The Lower Barre places hips and shoulders in proper alignment allowing the lower 

abdominal band to acquire the strength necessary to propel movement from the 

proper muscle group while protecting the spine in a neutral, yet engaged position. The intended design is to increase the speed of muscle recovery while performing fluid active, stretch - toning; F.A.S.T. Recovery!!!

Signature Classes
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20+ 20+ 20= Perfect 1hr Workout

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This class features CORE crunching, cardio style moves that focus on abdominal strength & faster body movements while maintaining all the benefits of our zero-impact training. Incorporating dance at the barre, break a sweat and smile!!!  

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This class focuses on all the best the Triple Barre Toning System has to offer with our zero-impact training method. Ballet inspired exercises combine with graceful strength training concepts to sculpt gorgeous, lean dancer muscles.


This class focuses on all the best the Lower Barre has to offer with our zero-impact training method. Take barre exercises, core strength & lower body sculpting to a whole new level using our fluid, active - toning throughout the class.


In this class, you will sculpt and chisel each part of your body by isolating specific muscle groups. Tone, strengthen and stretch your muscles using a FItBall, resistance bands, and your own body weight in a zero-impact, high-intensity sculpt class.

View our schedule and sign up for a studio class today! Pick your favorite or go unlimited & try them all for your best results!!!

Client Spotlight

Kaisa joined TriTone on the very first day we launched the pilot studio. She finds her inspiration through our workouts as she conquers her silent endometriosis battle, associated pain, and adult weight gain onset. Through our motivation & help tracking her fitness journey, she was able to achieve optimal results exceeding her goals and improving her life!

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