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Her vision, your reality! Scroll down to read about how Michelle brought TriTone to life!

Michelle Lee

 Founder & Designer


She's as sweet as she is pretty! Scroll down to read how this Belle spreads her Southern charm!

Ashten Owens

Partner & Operations 

Her personality is as bright as her smile! 

Allison Blanco

Certified Instructor 


mindful yoga style this lady brings the heat!

Maria Babina

Certified Instructor



Russian beauty with a sweet style for fashion!

Kseniia T.

Instructor / Fashionista

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Designer | Choreographer | Founder 

TT Prima Master Teacher & Trainer

Michelle Lee

With a lifelong passion for dance, Michelle brings high energy graceful physique training skills to the Tri-Tone program. The FSU alumni focused her studies in Interior Design with additional focus on Dance & Child Development. Throughout life she always maintained an active career in dance, gymnastics & cheerleading as a competitor and proud coach. She loves sharing her gift with the world as she can teach others the form and techniques she has spent a lifetime studying to perfection. During her maternity journey she encountered major back pain from prior injuries, leaving her unable to perform several physical movements, ultimately leading to excessive weight gain. When she didn't like what she saw in the mirror looking back at her showing the cold hard truth, Inspiration struck her to create a program fit for every woman that was just right for her injured body, easy on the joints, based on dance and gymnastics strength training principles, mixed with lots of spine stretching and positive motivation from cheerleading. Bringing these extended experiences into the fitness industry, she has designed and choreographed a posture perfecting low impact work out that tones the body while teaching classic dance movements in a technique called Rhythmic Fitness. During development of the program she had an epiphiny, "What if I moved the barre down towards the ground for some abdominal work to emulate some of my old gymnastics core conditioning?" The Lower Barre, part of the Triple Barre Toning System, was born! Her Patent Pending invention is changing the way the world does Ballet, one lower barre at a time!


  " I am blessed to be a motivational leader and inspire women to perfect their own beautiful gift of grace as they increase muscle tone and improve overall poise."


Partner | Director of Operations

TT Certified Master Teacher Trainer

Ashten Owens

Ashten was born and raised in South Carolina. Her love for dance began at the age of three. As she got older, she committed her time to dancing competitively, traveling with her team to competitions across the nation. She attended the University of South Carolina, where her passion for healthy living and an active lifestyle lead to teaching Classical Pilates. Upon graduating with her Bachelors in Retailing and Fashion Merchandising, she entered the fashion world and began a career in buying and merchandising. Ashten recently moved to Naples where she discovered her love for the Tritone method. Recovering from a debilitating hip injury, she has found this workout to ease her pain and rebuild her core strength. As a life long dancer, she fits naturally into the role as an excellent motivational leader exuding her skill and sweet southern bell nature. She is thrilled to be able to teach the method to others and is excited to combine her love of dance, fitness, and  business into one personally rewarding and fulfilling career. 

  " I'm so excited to share my life of dance and music with the members!"  


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